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There are certain things you should know about the hair transplant cost in Mexico that every clinic dedicated to this considers to determine it.

The price may vary depending on the place and the service they provide; The better it is, the more expensive it will be.

At Cancun Hair Restoration, we offer you the best cost for a first class service in hair transplantation. We consider our facilities, medical staff and all the modern equipment that we have in our final rate, which does not compare with our competitors.


The cost of a hair regrowth treatment will change depending on the patient and the type of technique that is going to be used; without forgetting the size of the area where the new hair follicles will be placed and how many have to be extracted in order to obtain the desired results.

All this is reviewed from the first appointment with the plastic surgeon who will be in charge of the intervention. In this first review, the doctor will make an inspection of the degree of baldness that the patient has and will indicate which method of hair transplant will be the best to perform. He will indicate an approximate number of follicles to extract and place; Therefore, if the receiving area is very large, the cost will rise.


Although the end result in both is permanent, the cost and procedure are not the same. On the one hand, the FUT hair transplant removes a strip of hair from the nape from which all the hair follicles are extracted; while with the FUE technique, follicle by follicle is extracted until all the necessary for the patient are obtained.

Being a more complicated, methodical job that has to be very precise, an FUE hair transplant is more expensive than a FUT transplant. Also, this method does not leave a single visible mark, while the strip that is cut with the FUT technique may be slightly more noticeable.

Likewise, the FUE hair transplant technique is more modern and not just any doctor can perform it. A plastic surgeon with extensive experience such as those who collaborate with Cancun Hair Restoration are widely prepared to perform any of the techniques, according to the needs of the patient.


The later the surgery, the higher the hair transplant cost in Mexico; This implies the use of the room, the salary of all the doctors involved and the support staff, as well as the materials necessary to carry it out.

People with a serious baldness problem will take longer to repopulate their head. The cost of extraction per hair follicle in countries like the United States is up to 12 dollars and, during a session of between 6 and 8 hours, up to 3,000 hair follicles can be extracted.

In Mexico, the costs are different and you can find a hair transplant for up to 20 thousand pesos; The downside is that it may not be very good or efficient like what you would get in a specialized clinic like Cancun Hair Restoration. Consider very well that sometimes, cheap is expensive, so you must also take into account who you go with.


Hair transplant surgery in Mexico will have a cost and this will be told by the doctor who examines you the first time you visit our clinic. However, it also considers all the extra expenses that the surgery entails; from the first appointment with your doctor, as well as all subsequent appointments for the review, to medications and treatment for post-operative care.

All this you also have to consider within your budget for your operation, as they fall within the treatment. The initial evaluation by the specialist physician can be costly, as can the medications.

The hair transplant is a procedure that will restore confidence and improve your appearance on way. Although it is an intervention and surgical, and may have certain risks, the medical staff is properly prepared so that you do not have any problems.

It is important that all your doubts are resolved from the beginning with your doctor, from the hair transplant prices in Mexico, to what the operation consists of. It is a procedure with permanent results that are worth every dollar you will pay for it, so consider this point very well.We have the best hair transplant costs in Mexico at Cancun Hair Restoration. Schedule your appointment with one of our specialist doctors so that you know exactly how much you would pay for an intervention like these. Write to us by email: ; or call us at +52 55-5466-1144 . If possible, you can visit us at our clinic in Cancun or our branch in Mexico City.

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