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2021-07-01 11:50:55
2 Yaers / 2 Yaers
Techtrivial has a long list of competence in form of experts and experienced professionals in Cable and plastic manufacturing industry. This hands in know how enables us to understand customer´s need at first glance and then translate it in to practical applications automatically considering LEAN methodologies and business excellence. Our engineers are expert in designing machinery and instruments according to IEC, UL,VDE,IMQ, NEK, ASTM standards, so they take care of minute details of compliance. For more info visit our official website


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Automatic profile projector for cable - Tech Trivial

We have all range of Profile projectors suitable for cable and automotive manufacturing sector. Market is flooded with inaccurate and camera based profile projectors that are actually not...

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Automatic profile projector for cable - Tech Trivial